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We use peanuts and other nuts (including macadamias, walnuts and pecans) in some of our recipes. We also use almond flour in our gluten-free cookies. Although we do not include nuts in every recipe, there is a possibility that any of our products could contain trace amounts of nut oils. We ask that individuals with allergies to nuts refrain from eating our goods.

Have a student away at school on his/her birthday?  Boulder Baked can deliver a delicious home-style birthday cake or a fresh-baked cookie care package and a card for him/her on the special day.


Being University of Colorado, Boulder graduates ourselves, we know how great it is to receive just about anything from home, especially warm fresh-baked cookies, ice cream and milk! Face it, studying isn't fun, but paired with home-style desserts, cookies and cofee, late night study sessions might not be too bad after all! We send study packs all with an hour's notice!!!


Not feeling well? Hot chicken-noodle soup with a sandwich and even some dessert shows you care and may just save the day.


We have tried, but surprise deliveries do not work, so we don't do them any longer. We have to call ahead of time to make sure there is someone there to receive the delivery and they are invariably always out celebrating or studying or...


You design what combination of goodies you want to include, what you want to say to that special someone, and we'll deliver the goods!!!


Full Cakes, Cookie Cakes, Most Vegan And Gluten-Free Items




CU parents -- Design a custom Care Package!





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