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Boulder, Colorado 80302 (between Pearl and Walnut) We use peanuts and other nuts (including macadamias, walnuts and pecans) in some of our recipes. We also use almond flour in our gluten-free cookies. Although we do not include nuts in every recipe, there is a possibility that any of our products could contain trace amounts of nut oils. We ask that individuals with allergies to nuts refrain from eating our goods.


Cookies, Cupcakes, Desserts & Comfort Food


Pot Pies We make our own pie crust and use only the best produce and organic chicken. Chicken Pot Pie
Individual Size 8.95 Mac 'n Cheese We make this with a combination of cheeses and it's really cheesy. Then we top it with the croƻtons we make. It comes in 2 sizes:
Individual Size 6.95
Mini-Mac 4.95





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