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Also, below are some FAQ’s because maybe your questions will be answered there!

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Can I request different varieties of cookies in my 4-packs, Half Dozen, Niner, Baker's Dozen and Sweet 16?

Since cookies are baked to order, every cookie in a package can be a different type. If you are ordering online, you will notice, if you keep scrolling down on the page, that it counts down the remaining cookies to be selected. For example, let's say that you are getting a Baker's Dozen. You can choose a number up to 13 and then a type. Let's say you select 4 and then Chocolate Chip. You will then be asked how many, up to 9. Maybe you select 5 this time and then Snicker Doodle. You have 4 remaining and you select 4 Oatmeal White Chocolate Cherry and you’re done.

You can also select various add-ons to each group of cookies, but a box has to have one set of cooking instructions, like half-bake, regular or well-done.

How do I order cupcakes?

Cupcakes work the same way as Cookies, however there are fewer choices, for example, type of icing and they are all cooked "regular".

What is included in a Care Package and how do I order it?

You can just put together an order of whatever you would like, just make sure you know the main information of the recipient. Name, phone number and address and also the name, phone number and address of the person placing the order.

These orders can be processes as a regular order when the store is open, or you can place it as a "timed order", in which case, you select a delivery time in the future and it is usually delivered within an hour of the delivery time you specified.

If you include custom items, like full cakes, cookie cakes or pies, then the standard 24 to 48 hour lead time applies.

How about gift packages?

Gift Packages work the same as Care Packages. Sometimes, on particularly popular days, like Valentines Day, 4/20 or Graduation, we have to parse out the delivery times to keep things manageable, so get your orders in early for special occasions.

What is the Boulder Baked Loyalty Program and how do I get in on it?

The good news is that if you use your phone number when you place an order, every dollar you spend on food items earns you a point. If you place your order via the website or the mobile app, you get 1.25 points for every dollar.

You can spend your points for logo items, Like T Shirts